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Why You Should Strongly Consider Video Conferencing

Not many people realize this, but the concept of video conferencing has been around for about as long as the telephone has been—shortly after he was awarded the patent for the telephone, Alexander Graham Bell was apparently working on a version that would also transmit pictures. Many years later, conferencing technology has finally reached the point where it is a very beneficial business tool. Let’s review a few of these benefits.

1. Engagement

Meetings held over the phone have been a business staple for some time now, much to the benefit of businesses everywhere. Today’s technology now allows a video element to be added to calls, inherently boosting the engagement levels of the participants. With video adding a face-to-face element to these communications, different communication skills are necessary to develop. If the video conference is conducted properly, it should function just as if all the participants were in the same room.

2. Team Connectivity

Remote computing solutions have somewhat forced businesses to integrate additional communications into their processes. Video conferencing has greatly helped these endeavors in a way that makes productive collaboration more convenient for your staff—your team no longer needs to be present in the office in order to participate in productive meetings. Furthermore, if you have a need for more resources than you can afford as full-time (or even part-time) employees, remote solutions allow you to bring on outsourced workers and freelancers.

3. Concision

This one ties back to the improved engagement collaboration can bring. Everyone has experienced one of those meetings where nobody is really paying attention, or one where the meeting meanders and never really determines anything concrete. These kinds of meetings are terribly unproductive. Having said that, because video conferencing can boost this crucial engagement and encourage a more defined structure, meetings can be much more worthwhile.

4. Employee Satisfaction

Sometimes, it’s just nice to be able to change the scenery around you as you work—even if that just means doing work in a familiar, comfortable place. Perhaps an employee is ill and doesn’t want to infect their coworkers, but also doesn’t want to sacrifice work time. When working from home, the “9-to-5” aspect of the office goes away a little, as the employee can still work their full shift but at times that work a little better for them if necessary. This is an attractive prospect for any employee, which is why businesses that have implemented options like video conferencing have seen businesses deal with less turnover, higher employee retention, and fewer overall complaints.

5. Efficacy

Let’s touch back on the points made supporting how remote meetings can make work more concise. One of the big reasons that in-person meetings can go on so long is because there is a much greater tendency for people to go on tangents and side discussions. While this is not always a bad thing and can lead to incredibly valuable insights, there are times that the goal just needs to be reached. Video conferencing makes these side conversations and tangents less likely, as the format encourages a more formal etiquette within a discussion.

Video conferencing can offer you a more efficient and accessible meeting, and COMPANYNAME can offer you the solutions and support you need to make the most of it. For more information, give our team a call at PHONENUMBER.

Tyler Miller

Tyler Miller

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