Rapid-Growth IT: Our Methodology

We’re looking to add growth-minded companies to our decorated list of success stories.

Ready to start seeing the noticeable difference a future-driven IT strategy makes? We’re not here to sell IT services you don’t need – we’re here to set your organization up for smart, sustainable growth.

What Holds Rapid-Growth IT Back?

As per Our Methodology, an IT strategy is only as good as the research that goes into it – and there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Our methodology is designed to ensure your IT plan serves your company's requirements. Whether you need to improve productivity, trim overhead costs, reduce human error, or do anything else toserve customers betterthe TechPulse team is here to maximize every penny in your IT budget.

We've found three underlying problems that hold most IT plans back:
1. Lack of insight on business goals + long-term strategy.

This is the root of most IT problems. At best, an IT strategy without proper insight will simply maintain the status quo, leading to low ROI on capital and time.

2. Little understanding of critical business operations.

A growth-focused IT plan should reduce manual processes and take every opportunity to improve efficiency. Failing to understand business operations will keep the organization bogged down and unable to scale.

3. Insufficient research on how employees, customers, and vendors interact with your business technology.

IT plans with this flaw are characterized by cookie-cutter approaches that mirror competitors – giving you little competitive advantage and limiting growth potential.

Our Rapid-Growth IT Engine breaks this mold and puts your key business insights at the forefront of the IT strategy. We'll get to the root of your goals, challenges, and opportunities to make IT your most powerful tool for growth.

The Rapid-Growth IT Engine

We've developed a signature Rapid-Growth IT Methodology proven to help companies scale with ease. Here's what you can expect in a TechPulse IT plan:


To hit your growth goals, we need to understand them down to the smallest detail.


Whether we’re augmenting your IT setup or replacing it, we become part of your team.


We keep you ahead of today’s and tomorrow’s security risks.


We make smart adjustments to meet your goals more efficiently.

Step One: Strategy

The first step in any growth-focused IT strategy is research – not guesswork and assumptions. We need to understand which aspects of your business processes are underperforming (and why). Our job here is to pinpoint what constitutes IT success for you – and figure out how we'll measure it with clear KPIs.

Rapid-Growth IT is not just about best practices. It's about taking an evidence-based approach to find the tactics that will grow your business. This part of our process involves:

This part of our process involves:

Tech Stack Review

Management Tool Planning

Wi-Fi and Connectivity Planning

Vendor Contract/Expense Review

Competitor Research

Mobile Device Management Planning

Employee Interviews/Shadowing

Liability and Insurance Review

Step Two: Support

Transforming IT doesn't happen with a few tweaks here and there. Results that spark rapid growth need dedicated support that keeps the IT strategy in motion day after day. "Rapid-Growth IT" means something unique to every business – so the way we provide ongoing support is different. Here are some of the ways we support our client's IT strategy:

Here are some of the ways we support our client’s IT strategy:

New Employee Onboarding

Employee Training Outline and Strategy

Video Meeting/Conference Room Tech Strategy

Process Automation Planning


Work from Home/Remote Access Planning

Step Three: Security

Security is not a flashy feature in IT strategies – it's a baseline requirement. Data breaches and cyberattacks will stop business growth in its tracks. Rapid-Growth IT must account for the rapid evolution of security threats. TechPulse's experts manage client security needs in several ways, including (but not limited to):

TechPulse’s experts manage client security needs in several ways, including (but not limited to):
  • analysis
    & Response
  • risk
    Proactive Risk
  • cyber-security
    Periodic Security
    Review and Testing
  • policy
    Technology and Security Policy Outlines
  • process
    Employee Education & Training

Step Four: Scalability

Business growth is a journey full of unexpected twists and turns. That's why no Rapid-Growth IT strategy is set in stone. As your business scales, we continuously pivot our IT tactics to keep your business technology and operations ahead of the curve. We empower your company's ability to scale in several ways:

We empower your company’s ability to scale in several ways:

Hardware Procurement and Lifecycle Management

Vendor Management and Support

Customer Experience Improvement

Cloud-First Strategy

Network Mapping

Scaling a business as per Our Methodology is a layered process – but it doesn't have to be painful. Here's how we make it easy.

  1. You set up a Rapid-Growth IT strategy call.
  2. We'll examine your operation under a microscope to understand if we're the best IT company to meet your goals.
  3. If we're a perfect match, we'll get to work setting your company up for viable growth.

Let's get the ball rolling today.

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