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Read on to learn how business owners in New York can benefit from hiring a managed services provider and how they can find the right provider for their unique needs.

New York Managed Services Providers: What to Look For

Whether you own a small business or run a major corporation, information technology (IT) will inevitably play a role in your company’s success. A well-managed IT infrastructure helps improve productivity, minimize risk, and pave the way for future growth.

However, it can be challenging to maintain your IT systems as a small to mid-sized business owner – especially when juggling the day-to-day responsibilities of running your organization.

That’s where a managed services provider comes in.

With managed IT services, your IT systems will be improved, maintained, and protected by a team of remote technicians. This allows you to focus on core operations rather than worry about the safety and integrity of your technology.

There are plenty of business owners in the state of New York that could benefit from a great managed services provider. The competition for businesses in this state is fierce, especially when you consider that 98 percent of New York businesses are start-ups, and they’re looking to gain an edge over their competitors.

New York companies need to adopt an advanced, cost-effective foundation for their IT infrastructure to stand out. In other words, they need a managed services provider.

Are you considering outsourcing with a managed services provider for your New York business? Here’s everything you need to know before you make a decision.

What is a Managed Services Provider?

Before you can find the right provider for your business, you’ll need to know exactly what a managed services provider does.

A managed services provider is a third-party company that acts as a full IT department for your business. They connect your business to a team of IT specialists who will remotely manage your entire infrastructure. A great managed services provider will analyze your IT infrastructure and offer solutions that improve internal efficiency and help foster growth.

A New York managed services provider as ours will:

  • Minimize downtime
  • Implement better IT solutions
  • Be available 24/7 to address your IT concerns
  • Improve your IT security defenses
  • Develop a service plan that fits your specific needs & budget

In short, a managed services provider helps cultivate a productive internal workflow by setting your business up with reliable and secure IT solutions. They also eliminate the need to hire an internal IT department, which can be expensive.

What Should You Look for in a New York Managed Services Provider?

Now that you understand what MSP IT support is, let’s discuss what to look for in an IT company and why.

24/7 Help Desk Features

A cyberattack or system failure can happen at any time of day – even after your regular hours of operations. If left unaddressed, these issues can result in major downtime and revenue loss.

To minimize this risk, you should look for managed services providers with around-the-clock support availability. A 24/7 IT help desk will enable you and your employees to reach a managed services technician in the event of a system failure. These specialists will work quickly to troubleshoot the problem, provide a solution, and get your organization back on track.

Enterprise Email Services

Emails are an essential part of day-to-day business operations. No matter what products or services your company offers, you’ll want to ensure that your emails flow seamlessly through your organization – without the risk of downtime or malicious attacks.

A managed services provider that offers managed email services will help ensure that your company’s email communications run efficiently. This service minimizes malicious threats by filtering out spam, viruses, and malware. It also protects your business from phishing scams that can trick employees into divulging sensitive information through email.

Proactive Monitoring and Maintenance 

You need a New York managed services provider that will prevent IT problems from occurring in the first place, rather than simply reacting to and repairing issues as they appear. MSPs that can guarantee proactive IT management and network monitoring will take the necessary steps to prevent the same IT issue from occurring in the future.

A proactive managed services provider will also make security and network changes following an attempted cyberattack or system failure. This ensures the same kind of breach or failure doesn’t happen again.

Disaster Recovery and Off-Site Data Backup

Data loss can be devastating for any business. Cybercriminals and natural disasters (such as fires and floods) pose a real threat to IT systems and can make your data inaccessible – especially if you fail to back up your data to a secondary location.

A managed services provider can minimize this risk by offering solutions that automatically back up your data to an off-site location, such as the Cloud. This allows you to recover your vital data to its original location, even after a cyberattack or natural disaster.

Anti-Virus Protection

A virus can enter your network through various ways, such as an infected email attachment or even a downloaded link. Unfortunately, most computer viruses and infections go undetected until they’ve managed to cause damage to your IT system, and by that time, it might be too late.

Managed services providers can keep viruses at bay using the latest anti-virus protection programs. This service is essential for businesses with employees who work remotely or bring their laptops to work.

Things to Avoid When Hiring a Managed Services Provider

We recommend doing careful research before partnering with a managed services provider, even if they offer the services that you think you need.

Not all managed services providers are created equally. The increased demand for IT support throughout the United States has contributed to a low barrier to entry for outsourced IT providers.

In other words, there is an abundance of MSPs to choose from, but some are far more experienced and reliable than others.

Here’s what you should avoid when looking for a managed services provider.

1) Signing a Partnership Without Really Talking to the Provider First

Before you outsource with a local provider you must ensure they will be able to adequately meet your needs and budget. Most MSPs will gladly offer a free consultation to help you determine if they are the right choice for your business.

During your initial consultation, it’s a good idea to ask the managed services provider plenty of questions about how they will support all your unique IT needs and goals.

Here are a few questions to help you get started:

  • How many clients do you currently have within my industry?
  • How will this managed services agreement benefit me as a business owner?
  • Are your IT technicians certified? Tell me about that.

2)  MSPs That Charge a One-Size-Fits-All Fee

It can be tempting to choose managed services providers based solely on the monthly fees they will charge. However, managed services plans that are based on the same fixed price for every client do not necessarily provide you with the right level of protection or value.

A service plan should be unique and adjustable as your business grows or requires additional services. Therefore, you should be able to come up with a price that suits your solutions and requests instead of choosing a run-of-the-mill plan that everyone else uses.

3) MSPs That Fail to Employ Technicians with IT Expertise

Reliable managed services providers will provide you with tech support from experienced IT professionals. So, before you agree to a managed services contract, make sure your managed services provider has the capabilities and resources to support your unique IT needs. Don’t be afraid to ask for specifics when it comes to certifications and past experience.

4) MSPs that Lack Security Certifications

A managed services provider’s security certification can play a crucial role in keeping your IT in check and your business data safe. A worthwhile managed services provider should be able to implement multi-level cybersecurity for your business.

These layers of protection will safeguard your IT systems and discourage cybercriminals from targeting your business. This is incredibly important when you consider that just one cyberattack can cost a business an average of  $20,000 in reparation expenses.

Before your managed services providers, research their security certification to ensure it meets or exceeds the industry standards of managed service providers in New York.

5)  Do Not Hire a National Provider

It’s best to avoid managed service providers that have no physical presence in New York. These big, national providers tend to service more businesses at one time than they can maintain perfectly. They likely won’t be able to give you the attention and service you deserve.

Local managed services providers understand the unique challenges that New York business owners face every day and are often more responsive to your needs.

In Conclusion

As you can see, there are plenty of great reasons for small to mid-sized business owners in New York to partner with a managed services provider.

To fully reap the benefits, you need to find the right one for your specific needs. A great provider will equip you with the necessary solutions to achieve long-term success and growth.

What should you consider when looking for the right provider for IT managed services in New York? Let’s find out together.

Tyler Miller

Tyler Miller

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