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Reasons why small businesses in Lafayette need Managed Services Providers

Lafayette IT Provider: Why Do Small Businesses in Lafayette Need IT Services Providers?

Technology is vital to nearly every small business, no matter the industry they fall under.

An IT disruption can be extremely expensive to resolve and can halt operations for long periods. This is why small businesses need to invest in online security with a managed IT services provider or MSP for short.

Further, whenever a business relies on technology, they are at risk of viruses, online threats, and day-to-day tech issues (downtime). A small business that fails to prioritize security is highly susceptible to cyber-attacks and other threats such as viruses and phishing.

Many businesses worry they will not be able to afford IT support, or they believe they don’t need it.

In fact, 27% of small businesses do not have IT support. MSPs are affordable and often end up saving business money in the long run by supporting new technology for a business, which works to improve overall efficiency in operations.

Here is what small businesses should know about IT Providers in Lafayette:

What does a Lafayette IT Provider provide?

Outsourcing IT through an MSP connects businesses with a team of professionals that specialize in these services.

Businesses and MSPs decide on the IT resources needed and the price through a service-level agreement. This allows businesses to obtain managed IT services that meet their needs – and fits their budget. If you decide to adopt an MSP for your Lafayette business, your company can receive the following services:

On-Demand IT Support

MSPs provide experienced IT professionals to assist with everyday tech issues, answer questions, and troubleshoot. Whether a new employee needs help onboarding onto your system, or the wireless printer will not connect, managed IT services can resolve these issues quickly and efficiently.

On-demand services are provided in the monthly MSP fee. So, instead of adding additional hires to take on their day-to-day technical issues, small businesses can get online help instantly and save money.

Managed Services Providers Improve Your Business’s Online Security

Many small businesses assume that, because they are less widely known, they are not prone to cyber threats. Forty-three percent of online attacks are targeted at small businesses because they are seen as easy targets. That said, small businesses are just as likely to fall victim to hacks, viruses, and cyberattacks as any other business.

Unlike larger businesses that can often bounce back from the financial strain of a breach, the cost to recover can be detrimental to a small business. Around sixty percent of small businesses end up going out of business within six months following a cyber-attack. This is due to the financial burden, operational setbacks, and loss of trust that comes after a security issue.

IT MSPs will set up security basics for your company. This means you will have a team monitoring your data’s safety and implementing antivirus protection at all times. MSPs provide your business with the security you need to avoid expensive issues, so you can focus on operating your business with peace of mind.

MSPs Include Disaster Recovery Experts

In the event your business is struck by a natural disaster, such as a flood or fire, MSPs will help your business recover. Many IT providers will work with you to create a recovery plan in case a disaster strikes. This typically includes creating cloud-based backup storage so your data can be accessed if servers crash or there is damage beyond repair.

Additional Services an IT Provider can offer:

  • Network configuration
  • Cloud infrastructure management
  • Virtual CTO-services
  • Hardware repair
  • Storage management
  • Spam protection
  • Solution implementation

Signs Your Business Needs a Lafayette IT Provider

How do you know if you need an MSP?

The signs may include a loss of sales due to server issues, an overwhelming demand, or concerns about your online security. Let’s explore how these signs indicate that you may need an MSP.

Your Team Can’t Keep up with Demands

Many small businesses will assign one or two employees who are “good with computers” to handle IT issues. However, these employee(s) can easily become overwhelmed by the various day-to-day IT task that arises, especially in a growing company.

Oftentimes, these employees have other job responsibilities that get set aside when a major IT task comes up. To ensure that productivity remains steady, small businesses should consider MSPs for handling these IT concerns.

Managed services providers in Lafayette often provide 24/7 monitoring, automatic updates, cybersecurity, and more without taking away productivity from employees.

You Are Unsure About Your Data’s Security

If you are a small business, chances are that you have important data, personal client information, and more within your servers. This information could be damaging to your reputation if it is compromised – not to mention very expensively to recover.

If you do not have a security system set up to organize and protect sensitive data, you could easily fall victim to ransomware, phishing, or breaches. With an MSP, you will have peace of mind knowing that your data and client’s information are protected round-the-clock.

You Have Lost Sales Due to System Downtimes

Another sign that you may need to implement an MSP is if you have a server that is prone to crashing. When your server crashes, your business could lose out thousands of dollars in sales while your team tries to resolve the issue.

Some businesses may opt to hire an IT expert on the spot, rather than have an MSP.  However, on-demand IT services are expensive. Moreover, there is no telling if they will be available when you need them which carries significant risk.  The guaranteed response time MSPs provide mitigates these risks and enables continuity of operations.

What Are the Benefits of Hiring an IT Support Company?

MSPs are cost-effective because, for one flat monthly rate, you will be provided IT support that is tailored to your company’s size and needs.  Hiring permanent IT staff can be very costly due to salaries and benefits.  MSPs are properly scaled to meet your needs – without the exponential overhead.

MSPs also support more productive workflows throughout a company. With an MSP, you can help employees better understand team tools, organizational systems, and other online platforms. If your employees understand these aspects of your business, you will see improved productivity and efficiency.

An IT provider can also help implement automation to streamline processes even more.

Another benefit of MSPs is that you will find more time to focus on growing your business. An IT support company can take away the stress of trying to keep up with your business’s technology and removes the looming anxiety of data breaches. Just leave the technology concerns to the experts, so you can focus solely on growing your company.

Hiring an IT support company or MSP is a cost-effective solution for your business. An MSP helps build a productive workflow, which will give you more time to focus on your business rather than the ins and outs of your company’s information technology.

How to Hire an IT Provider in Lafayette, LA:

Know What Questions to Ask

Not all IT providers in Lafayette are equal. If you are considering managed services outsourcing, you should be looking for a company that has positive reviews, can fulfill your specific IT needs, and has experience working with businesses in your industry.

Here are a few questions you should ask an MSP before hiring them:

  • What is your company’s area of expertise?
  • Have you worked with a company in our industry before?
  • What is your average response time?
  • Do you provide preventative maintenance?
  • What is your business data security policy?

Know What You Need and How Much You Can Afford

MSPs should work with you to develop a service-level agreement that fits your monthly budget and the service you require. If an MSP is not willing to adjust to your needs, you may want to keep searching for one that will work with you to develop a customized plan.

Hire an IT Team with 24/7 Support

Tech emergencies can occur at any time – regardless of your hours of operations. An issue regarding your IT can take away from your operations and result in financial loss. You want to find a Lafayette IT provider that is available at all hours of the day, every day so your IT issues are resolved promptly, and operations go uninterrupted.

In Conclusion

If you own a small business and have concerns about your online security, an MSP is a cost-efficient solution. The benefits of managed services are clear: They can provide round-the-clock tech support and ensure that your small business is safe from cyberattacks and technical emergencies.

TechPulse is an MSP in Lafayette, LA with 40 years of IT experience. We have worked with many small businesses across various industries.

Our areas of expertise include streamlining daily operations, data security, and effective communication. We work with our clients to develop a plan that best fits their needs and budget.

We also provide 24/7 support, so you can rest assured that your IT issues will be resolved quickly.

Give yourself the peace of mind of knowing your business is secure by adding a managed services provider in Lafayette to your team. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

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