HaloPSA Implementation

Expert-guided implementation of HaloPSA.

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    Up to 20 hours
    of guided
    with an expert

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    Direct & attentive
    launch day support

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    Committed support,
    check ins and
    adjustments after

Client Success Story

See how working with TechPulse can benefit your business

Client Success Story

See how working with TechPulse can benefit your business



Do you currently use HaloPSA?

Are you interested in a fully guided implementation?

Price: $8000 flat including up to 20 hours as a full turn key solution.

Extra options

Onsite Implementation/Go-Live Support $20,000

Includes 5 days implementation and 1 day go live (Travel Cost not Included, Client agrees to reimburse all travel costs)

Expedite Fee $10,000

Guaranted implementation start within 2 weeks of proposal acceptance.

Total Amount:

Support From Our Expert Consultants

Consulting Hours

Virtual Assistant

If you don't have the time or personnel to manage HaloPSA independently, you can rely on one of our expert Virtual Assistants.

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We'll Help You Harness HaloPSA

Need expert assistance deploying and managing HaloPSA?

TechPulse is an authorized 3rd-party implementer of HaloPSA.Our team follows a carefully developed implementation plan that ensures the process meets your needs and adheres to your preferred

Over the course of the implementation, our experts will train your team to fully harness the capabilities of HaloPSA. When you formally cutover to HaloPSA, we'll provide live support, as well as offer check-ins after the fact to ensure the new system is working as expected.

How We Implement HaloPSA

Fact Finding & Introductions

We started by getting to know your company. By carefully assessing the work you engage in every day, we can better match your needs to the capabilities offered by HaloPSA.

Process Coaching

In situations where essential documentation and information for swift HaloPSA deployment are lacking, our guided implementation offers process coaching services to assist. This support focuses exclusively on HaloPSA-related issues, facilitating an efficient move to the next step of implementation. However, please note that while our process coaching service is comprehensive in relation to HaloPSA, it does not extend to business coaching areas such as accounting, tax, or finance. For guidance in these domains, we recommend seeking expertise from our partner at Pax8 Academy
(formerly Sea Level Ops).

Guided Implementation-Our Turnkey HaloPSA Offering

Our comprehensive guided implementation service offering includes up to 20 hours
of expert guidance, which spans across all crucial phases - implementation, go-live support, and subsequent adjustments. Our goal is to ensure a successful HaloPSA implementation, a smooth transition on your 'Go Live' day, and provide the necessary assistance to help you complete your first invoicing cycle successfully.

For the implementation phase, our expert will guide your team through deployment and training sessions. This accounts for a major part of the total service time, designed to be scheduled flexibly according to your convenience and timeline.

Go Live Support

On your 'Go Live' day, we assure additional support from our implementation expert to help you navigate any complexities.

Post go-live, we continue our partnership with ongoing check-ins, including additional adjustments and tweaks to your HaloPSA environment in the four weeks after your cutover. This comprehensive approach ensures you gain the maximum value from your HaloPSA deployment and ensures you can complete at least one invoicing cycle successfully.

Pre-Purchased Block Hours

We offer a flexible service arrangement through our pre-purchased block hours, designed to cater to a variety of your needs, from scripting and automation to
consulting and HaloPSA implementation. This versatile service enables you to use
the hours as per your business requirements, ensuring you receive targeted support where you need it most. Please note that these pre-purchased hours are valid for 90 days from the date of purchase, promoting timely utilization of our expert resources for your utmost benefit. Our aim is to provide a customized, efficient, and beneficial partnership that supports your business' continual growth and effectiveness.

Guided Implementation Value Adds

Services Discord-icon

Discord and Peer Group Access - Access to the TechPulse Pro Services Discord. Interact with our implementation experts and connect with other implementation clients to share ideas or content. Exclusive content from TechPulse and pre-release beta software is free for Peer Group Members.

Templates and Accelerators-icon

Templates and Accelerators - We've done this a bunch. We have templates, stock data, and other resources we can utilize to accelerate your implementation. Things like Ticket Categories, Resolution Categories, Email Templates, and Board/Workflow Diagrams are included with fully guided implementation.


Personalized Implementation and Technical Coaching - Our expert coaches you not just through HaloPSA implementation, but through shoring up the technical processes and resources that HaloPSA draws from. We see how many MSPs are doing things and we know what does and doesn't work. Over 50% of implementation clients continue to engage with us separately after implementation for this continued coaching.

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