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Business Is Faster and Easier with File Sync and Share

Each day, the news surrounding the Coronavirus pandemic gets closer and closer to home, and with new restrictions being levied each day, businesses are some of the hardest hit organizations. Today, we will discuss how file sync and sharing platforms can help your business immensely as this situation plays out.

How Coronavirus is Impacting Businesses

As of this writing there were over 200,000 cases of Coronavirus reported. With hundreds of additional people testing positive for the virus each day, workers are getting extremely anxious. With this shared anxiety, many employers have begun to dispatch their workforces to the relative safety of their own homes, relying on technology to bridge the productivity, communications, and collaboration gap. If your business finds itself unprepared for this eventuality, you may lose productivity. Let’s talk about why file sync and sharing is a must have.

File Sync and Sharing

One of the best options is to adopt a file synchronization and sharing solution. There are plenty of different ways in which to get one, including some that are tied to some of the best collaboration and productivity software on the market.

One option is to adopt file synchronization and sharing technologies–an option that more businesses are taking advantage of, for many reasons. With these solutions in place, your workforce no longer needs to be in the office to complete the work responsibilities that must be fulfilled. Therefore, should one of your employees fall ill or otherwise can’t make it into the office, you aren’t losing the productivity they would otherwise offer.

Why Businesses Use Secure File Sync and Share Solutions

The biggest benefits of this approach are present right in its name:


Consider what could happen if your employees needed to access work resources outside of the office but lacked any approved means to do so. Either the work wouldn’t get done, or your employees would resort to workarounds that involved software that your organization had no control over. The tools that these workarounds utilize, known as shadow IT, can very easily put sensitive company data at risk. Providing your employees with an approved and secure alternative through file sync and sharing can eliminate these risks, as well as support your disaster recovery efforts.


When people need to access their information from outside of the office, they need the most current version of the information. In order for that to be possible, the file sharing system has to have active synchronization built in. Otherwise, the collaborative aspect of a shared productivity resource is wasted.

In earnest, file synchronization (or file sync as it is usually known) provides all parties that need access to a file, a reliable version of the file in which to work. These systems often come with real-time updating and a version history that allows for review, while being able to restore old versions as needed. In an added benefit, access is typically available on nearly any device, including tablets and smartphones through a dedicated app experience.


Collaboration is a major reason a file sync and sharing platform is going to work for your business. Giving people the ability to share and edit files in real time gives an added boost to a file sharing platform. After all, working in one document or file rather than in multiple will provide the best chance of success.

Expanding its collaborative tools will go a long way toward improving your business’ productivity and continuity. Call us today at PHONENUMBER to talk to one of our IT experts and find out why COMPANYNAME is your go-to partner for all of your company’s technology needs.

Tyler Miller

Tyler Miller

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